There’s a 12 Step slogan to HALT or be mindful and tread carefully when you’re feeling either Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired.

I’m offering a second H….for Heat.

I’ve had a couple of experiences recently where the excessive heat nearly made my brain turn to mush. The opposite of freeze, but a similar feeling. Who knew??? Well, now I do. Heat. It’s a thing. *

There are so many “occupational hazards” that come with acting. There is a lot to endure. When I lived in NY, there were certainly actual freezing working conditions that arose from time to time, but since living in Los Angeles, I can add severely hot ones to those.  These steaming days can especially affect wardrobe (note to self: that bold red silk audition blouse I wore last week is a no no!! – natural fiber, but NOT good for heat), hair and makeup (’nuff said), mechanical things of all sizes, (smart phone, I’m talking to you), and of course, our precious human faculties. Not a small deal.

It makes me think the heat wave in Tennessee Williams’ Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.  That heat  had the power to bring out the madness in all.

And it still does.

So now, and especially with this recent Mercury Retrograde in effect, tread carefully my friends. Respect your triggers; heck, at least they are evident. Or if they’re not, they’ll likely be sooner or later – it’s just a matter of time.

It’s all information. It’s all experience. And it really is all a gift, though it might not feel it at the time.

So bless the sun, and savor the cool.



* It has not escaped me that some of this heat sensitivity could also be hormonally related. Ah…….life! But that, my friends, is a subject for another blog post. ^_^ Or not, lol…

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