July ‘Tis the Season

I just booked another short, a comedy entitled A Very Jewish Christmas. I am the main character’s Mom and I finally finally get to recite Hebrew prayers on film–my extensive Jewish Day school education making their debut. What will the Rabbis think? 🙂 More to come…

Overlooked Tree

overlooked tree

There’s nothing like looking through a camera lens to see what’s in front of you. Here I am getting acquainted with a tree I see every day but never really looked at. Til today.

Trusting the spaces…

Sometimes so much is happening and at the same time, so much is unknown. This is a sketch I drew investigating this paradox. It’s called “Trusting the spaces between one step at a time.”

trusting . . .

My Clannad Moment

And I am referring to the epic and atmospheric Celtic folk musical group. It is a secret thrill to be among the cast of the forthcoming Chaisson: Quest For Oriud, a high fantasy short film which gives me the Clannad chills–I can’t help it! This Biola University Thesis is being directed by Brian Ulrich and is produced by Kevin Ulrich and Karyn Musch, following up their award-winning claymation film, Chaisson: Rise of the Zered. It shoots early summer in Afton Canyon and one of my favorite places, New Mexico. Let the quest begin!


Tonight I attended the screening of AFI student Tommy Takemoto-Chock’s second cycle short, entitled “Sustain.” I play the piano teacher in this exquisite piece about childhood, memory, and longing.

with Major Curda and Sasha Elegino