speckled heat against the wind

"Waiting for You"

It’s a big week, shooting a dark and stylish solo narrative film that explores the themes of extreme lonliness and surrender (more on that later!), as well as the “Game of Scones” screening in few days.

But I am especially happy to announce the entrance of “Waiting for You” into the world. It was a labor of love for all involved, and a truly exquisite experience. I could say more about the “fated” elements involved, but for now, please check out the trailer of this poetic and tender film.



Summer Up


I hope you’re all having an awesome summer. Here are some highlights to share with you:


I’ve been expoloring the LA improv scene, taking amazing classes at UCB and MSW. So much fun and highly illuminating! (And of course, terrifying at moments.)


In June I worked on a beautiful short film, whose title will be unmentioned for now. The subject material deals with the in between of life and death, and the team was extraordinary. Will report more on that later.


I got some wonderful headshots taken recently with the fabulous Joanna Degeneres. Preview below.

In other news, “Chaisson: Quest for Oriud” is currently appearing at San Diego Comic-Con, and “Game of Scones” is being edited as we speak. Grateful to be a part of all of these cool projects.

Wishing you peace and blessings,



Breakfast is coming…


I had so much fun recently acting in a parody of the glorious series Game of Thrones, delectably entitled Game of Scones. This short film has an extraordinary (and massive!) cast and crew, passionately led by director Louis Allen and producers Yvonne Sayers and Lora Bofill. I play Caitlin Snark (of the famed Stark family on GOT proper). Fun times!


mother and son snark
With my son, Rob, aka Jeffrey Adler