Heart Mind Love

Hi, friends!

Like for so many of us, it’s been a year of sorting, honing, tossing, and making. Here is something I made. Press play and take a listen!

there is a stain
it can’t be seen
and there are rocks
they keep moving

you spin around
making new shapes
the air is hot
you trace your brain

but there is heart
and there is mind
and there is love
some of the time

there was a place
you knew yourself
you recognized
your winking eye

and then they came
the had their rules
you fought but still
they got you schooled

the shook your heart
they hooked your mind
a twisted love
built upon lies

do buh do buh do...

I know for sure 
not much again
except the sand
it keeps falling

you’re hoping still
there’s something new
could it be hidden 
in your plain view

a little heart
a little mind
a little love

some of the time
some of the time
some of the time

November 2020