in the wings the shadows are waiting

Hello, friends!

Last month was the premiere of “Premenstrual Margot” at Chapman’s Folio Theater. It was a great night, reconnecting with cast and crew, watching the other splendid films of the evening, and making new friends. Enjoy some behind the scenes shots in this post!

In other news, it’s been a time of recovery for my DH who had knee surgery nearly two months ago. Neither of us anticipated what this process would take, but finally things seem to be stabilizing. And of course, it’s like the universe knows I’ve been in caretaker mode these last number of weeks, so things have been rather gentle acting-wise. 😉

All of this, and I mean all of this has been fueling a fresh consciousness awakening, a cellular homecoming that feels like everything.

So here’s to divine timing. The waiting in the wings that you are savoring because somewhere inside, you know it means everything. This moment. That moment. The shadows that give way to the light. The bubbling that gives way to stillness. And it’s all a dance. All one big surrender.



The Good Samaritan, a sci-fi family short,  was selected to be screened for a special industry panel tomorrow night! The evening is called New Visions/New Voices 2012 and it will be at USC’s School of Cinema Arts. I’ll be there….!

Below are some pics rehearsing with my onscreen family, Andy Pessoa and Peter Christian, and then with Peter at the screening.

good sam kitchgs screen

I’m delighted to share the official trailer for the Biola high fantasy film, Chaisson: Quest for Oriud. This epic tale (which I gleefully/geekily referred to as my “Clannad moment” months back) is nearing completion. In it I play the hero Arcker’s stay at home, er, tent, wife.

Please enjoy this preview and share it if you wish!