The personal one

Curiosities and Confessions:
  1. I was the neighborhood girl who tried to save the injured bird’s life in any way possible. (My mother was a dermatologist, so of course we had powers, right?)
  2. I thought communing with exotic stamps and books about far away places (I’m looking at you, This is London) was a whisper’s breath from actually being there
  3. Certified Beatlemaniac.
  4. Born on the cusp of Libra + Scorpio, moon in Aquarius, rising Taurus (probably). It’s complicated.
  5. As a teen was madly obsessed with the PBS miniseries Brideshead Revisited, The Great Gatsby and George + Ira Gershwin, which led to….
  6. Won a Twiggy look-a-like contest at NYC’s St. James Theater: my prize was tickets to the Broadway hit My One and Only and hanging with Twiggy and Tommy Tune in their dressing rooms!
  7. I’m the person who has to remove Scrabble from her phone because, you know, boundaries.
  8. I attended Yeshiva Day School from K-12 and had a Japanese Shinto wedding! What can I say, I’m very spiritually inclusive. Always have been.
  9. My first rock concert was the insanely iconic lineup of Elvis Costello, The Clash and The Who. I mean……#BLESSED.

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