The Courageous Ones

I’m basking at “one of my cafés” after a good audition. I won’t say too much about the project, but it felt soooooo good just to do my best.


Isn’t that what it’s all about?

But I am reminded of an audition only last week that I didn’t feel so good about. It was a crowded and rushed atmosphere and I let that tempo shift my own.

Isn’t that how it happens sometimes?

But then I think of today. Not over-preparing, but preparing in a way that works for me, that allows me to be my most organic and free.

It’s such a gamble. Every time. So many variables.

But I was lucky today.

Parking was easy, casting was kind, the building/office was evocative and solid, the material was fresh.

And the muse had taken her vitamins. Or something.

It’s funny how one risk, any risk, pays far greater dividends than any amount of coddling the safe zone.

And it often hurts, yes? The whole business (and I don’t just mean the business of show).

So I am pretty sure it is these small victories that must be well-savored. No matter their eventual outcome.

So, cheers!

Here’s to the courageous ones.

May our paths nourish us during those flashes of right action, and especially when we feel broken and forget how damn brave we are.

And how lucky.

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