My favorite sport

Go team, Red Hat!
In the zone and led by our fearless director, Chuning Wang.

Happy fall, dear readers!

There is something about the filmmaking process that breaks my heart open every time..something about the intimacy and yet the total impersonal aspect of it. When it’s going well, there is a pervading egolessness that allows everyone to shine. We are all together, seen and unseen, creating something from nothing. And that something could have resonance beyond our wildest imaginings, or just resonance of that good day, working together, moment to moment.

Also, with the recent World Series, I’m amazed by some of the parallels there are between baseball and filmmaking: the importance of staying in one’s body and in the present moment; related to that, the sheer physicality and focus required in both; also, the notion of going for singles rather than just home runs; and particularly, how in the post-season (which one could equate to actual filming days rather than auditions or any rehearsals we might be lucky enough to have), it’s the little things that count, in general and at bat—ie: making contact over strength. Same when filming. And of course, they’re both games, after all, yes? 😉

I’m curious if you have any other thoughts about this baseball = filmmaking analogy. Feel free to post below!



Fresh Year, Fresh Moment

Happy new year, all! This year promises to have many surprises, and I think most people can feel that in their bones. I wish us strength, clarity and compassion as we travel forward.

Lots of fun stuff happening here. Today marks the “online premiere” (who knew there was such a thing?–lol) of “Waiting for You.” So glad that many of you who wanted to see it in a theater can finally view this simple, touching and transportive little film. It’s 15 minutes and you can view it on Film Shortage, hopefully on a biggish screen if you can!

Also, I have some fresh new photos, shot by the exceptional Mikel Healey. I’ve returned to my bobbed locks after a long hiatus, and it feels very right. Enjoy the shots and do try see the film. As I’ve said elsewhere, if you enjoy cinema that gives you space to breathe and feel, then this film is for you.

I’ll be back for more soon.




Catching up a little

It’s nearly fall, and I haven’t posted in quite a while. Here we go!

April was a big month for me; my husband and I were in Japan having our long-awaited Shinto marriage ceremony. We’d wanted to have one back in 2010, but the Tsunami and earthquake intercepted. And so, during spring break we jetted there, and my dear brother even joined us from New York. After the ceremony, we spent an unforgetable time hiking the famous “Nakasendo Trail” — the old trading path merchants used from Kyoto to Tokyo long ago. It was mind-blowing: the land, our lodgings, the food, the history. All of it. And of course the cherry blossoms! (I was lucky to have cherry blossom tea among the other delectable mountain vegetable and sashimi dishes I got to have…).

In other news, the festival journey of  “Waiting for You” is nearing it’s end. It recently screened at the Action on Film Festival and will again at Film Fest International – Berlin in October. I’ve always wanted to travel internationally with a project (actually I did in grad school with a co-ed contemporary and traditional Jewish music a cappella group I sang with~ true story…), but to do so with a film holds such an allure to me. I suppose in both cases it is about sharing human feelings and stories through the universal languages of music and film. Pure magic. I think it’s highly unlikely I’ll be able to attend the Berlin screening, but I’m so happy to even ponder the whole thing.

There’s much more to catch you up on (and I will soon), but for now, enjoy the pics below.

I want to add that “Waiting for You” is a distinctly moving and powerful film, best viewed on a big screen if possible. I realize the next screening is overseas and it is unlikely it will be back in the U.S. on a big screen, but hopefully there will be chances for you to view it somehow if you haven’t already. Particulary if you have any experience caring for an elderly parent or relative….you will be moved. I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the changing of the seasons!



just another bit of gorgeousness on our walk!
Just bit of gorgeousness on our walk!
Sunset path
Our stay at the Zen monastary. We were the only ones there, meditated in the morning with the proprietor/Zen Priest and had the most delicious vegan food prepared by his wife...lotus balls that tasted like matzah balls!!
Our stay at the Zen monastary. We were the only ones staying there. We got to meditate in the morning with the Zen Priest/proprietor and had the most delicious vegan food prepared by his wife…including a soup of lightly fried lotus balls that tasted like matzah balls! Heavenly times…

Bizarre & Beautiful

I’m thrilled it’s 2016. I remember as a child wondering what it would be like to live in the two thousands….it was hard to even conceptualize at the time, and sometimes it still is.

Well, we made it. We’re here. And in this bizarre beautiful world, there are countless chances to wake up. To begin again. To affirm that this life is good, no matter the perceived obstacles. No matter the madness. It’s all a massive gift.

So let’s do this!



“Waiting for You” will be screening again this Saturday at the Whitefire Theater in Los Angeles as part of the California Women’s Film Festival. If you’re in town and free, come by!


Summer Cadences


summer pink

I hope you are enjoying the summer. Here in Los Angeles the weather has been uncharacteristically humid and even rainy at moments. This is a good thing for the soil and it makes for soothing naps as well!

The Topanga Film Festival is coming up at the end of this month and it’s a super-interesting one. This year’s theme is Technology at Play. There will be aerial silk performances, wildlife shorts, belly-dancing and more. “Waiting for You” will be screening on Saturday August 1st in the international short film showcase. More info is here. The entire Topanga Film Institute website is rather magical, so check it out.

And of course, if you are in the Los Angeles area, come on by!

topanga image

A special relationship

Agnes & Pops (with Ralph Michiel)

The next few days mark the entry of “Waiting for You” into the North American film festival circuit (it was part of the Cannes shorts corner just recently). It’s an unusual film for a number of reasons. One thing I’ve been thinking about recently is its central relationship: father and daughter. Especially with Father’s Day coming in June, it occured to me that we don’t commonly observe this relationship in the cinema, at least in the United States. Actually, that’s one of things that initially attracted me to this project. If this subject matter feels meaningful to you for any reason, do consider following the journey of this tender and poetic short film. And if you are in Los Angeles and can make it this Monday at 5pm, do come on by to the acclaimed and “defiantly independent” Dances with Films festival for the showing of “Waiting for You” and five other noteworthy films.

Peace, Dalit


speckled heat against the wind

"Waiting for You"

It’s a big week, shooting a dark and stylish solo narrative film that explores the themes of extreme lonliness and surrender (more on that later!), as well as the “Game of Scones” screening in few days.

But I am especially happy to announce the entrance of “Waiting for You” into the world. It was a labor of love for all involved, and a truly exquisite experience. I could say more about the “fated” elements involved, but for now, please check out the trailer of this poetic and tender film.