People are saying…

“Dalit is an original voice; she is capable, smart, deeply intuitive and, as said, very talented.”

Oren Moverman
Academy Award-nominated screenwriter, film director, Emmy Award-winning producer

“We’re all impressed with your fantastic portrait of Rebecca. You brought complexity, dominance and even a bit of sinfulness to the character. Rebecca is not just a victim of violence but also someone who seeks to stand up for herself…Your acting is authentic and captivating to watch.

E. Z.

Another element worth mentioning is the acting itself. “Waiting For You” is not a dialogue heavy production, and emphasizes expression and emotion. The lead characters pull off their roles in a very believable way, adding to the magic of the film.


“Thank you for today. You were wonderful to direct!

Ezra Robinson

“Dalit Berkowitz plays his loving daughter who does her best to comfort and care for him in “Waiting for You.” There are subtle hints to the twist in the end. Rod Serling would have liked “Waiting for You.”

Leo Sopicki, BlogCritics

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