Union Talk


Last night I went to terrific workshop presented by the SAG Foundation. It was on audiobooks and the actor: apparently business is booming for the voice actor, and that is a very fortuitous thing. I get it–I am a big audiobook listener (fiction and non-fiction) and the fact that this brings potential employment opportunities to many a journeyman actor warms my heart.

In other union-related news, it’s screener time! Of course it’s every union actor’s obligation to view all the SAG Award nominated films, and I am doing my duty. To my unexpected delight, I greatly enjoyed Argo, one of may favorite films of the year. Roger Ebert and I usually do see eye to eye on things :-).

I’m always amused when I have certain assumptions about films which are completely unfounded. So far this year Argo and Flight fall into that category. Somehow I had thought Flight was an action film and was not interested in seeing it all (until a friend told me otherwise). What a gripping film.

And Argo….mmmm….a fantastic true story both exquisitely crafted and executed–so to speak. Not to mention all that great period facial hair for men. The attention to detail throughout the film really took me back. There is something very gratifying about being able to grasp complex events as an adult that were beyond my realm of comprehension when I was younger.

Bravo to all the great filmmakers, crews, and ensemble actors of 2012.

And see you at the movies!

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