A letter to my dear readers


I’ve been poking my head in and out of this blog these last months. Such a time of personal change for me and others in my life. And during these transitional/gestational times, my instinct is to cocoon–or at least to step back a bit.

Looking towards the new year, I am reflecting on how I wish to deepen and grow. There will be music. Really! Most of you don’t know this, but some of you do….I’ve been a songstress (an annoying but apt word) off and on for eons, and there are some songs/songbites to share with you around the corner. Lots of experimentalling there…and I’m still working on the new reel I mentioned in an earlier post. Actually, I haven’t been recently, but that’s on the horizon as well.

Mostly, dear readers, I’m calling forth a blessing for us all: that we be gentle with ourselves–that whatever we chose to disclose (or not), whatever creative projects we embark upon (or not) we can be kind to ourselves about it. There is so much to express and so much to digest. This digital world can feel like a treadmill to me at times. I definitely spend time off it, but then it’s time to walk again–I do want to be a part of this current earth’s rotation.

So I send you love and the brightest blessings for 2013. And I hope to travel together in sweetness and curiosity in this great ordinary new year.



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