Good morning, Tarot!

tarotThis morning I shot a lil role in a lovely interesting production called “Tarot: A Documentary Love Story.” My part was as a layperson being interviewed about all things metaphysical, and Tarot in particular. It got me thinking about my personal history with the cards—I do have a number of decks that have been collecting dust for a time.

So before going in this morning, I thought it would be useful to revisit a deck or two and pull a card. The decks I dug up were very different stylistically: one had a distinctly feminine and shamanic theme and the other had images that were computer digitized. Just noticing what kinds of visual designs draw us at any time in our lives can be very revealing. And maybe even more revealing is to reflect on what repels us!

The card I drew today was the Ace of Wands. I think the way I viewed it today was different than how I might have done so years ago, and that is mostly in regards to my approach. In the past I was more interested in a “quick hit” of insight that might reveal itself, but now I’m more inclined to look at a card with a more patient gaze: to allow the insight to reveal itself through curiosity rather than clutching.

So in this case, I noticed the orange-breasted bird at the child’s feet–really connected to that and to the child’s open countenance, perhaps in a deeper way than I might have before (after all, not being a Major Arcana Card, it’s not a particularly sexy/dramatic draw…). I am grateful for this approach, this willingness to not jump to conclusions as easily, to allow it all to be a gift somehow.

Ace of Wands

How about you? Do you have any opinion about Tarot and/or how has your relationship changed with it over the years? I would love to hear any thoughts you have. And may the sun’s rays warm your Monday wherever you may be!

PS: For more information on this unique project, check out their Facebook page!

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