Turning it Over


My car has been in the shop this last week (an ignition cylinder thing that apparently takes “time”). Though I’ve been using some of our public transportation and walking as I can, I am amazed at how isolated I’ve been feeling. Frankly, aside from car matters, September in general can be a tricky month for me (and for many of us, I realize).

That said, there is still more half of this month to go. I’d like to turn it around if possible, see this month with sweeter eyes, recognize the gift it can give me: this opportunitely to make friends with my resistance and the universe’s pace. Ah, the funny ways of the universe and timing in general. It is so beyond my comprehension and control.

Somehow, remembering that does help a little bit.

I wish you all a great month. As we move from one season to the next, I wish us all release, joy and remarkable courage.



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