I’ve been gone, but not really.


I am only human. My mental bandwith has limits.

Late September I began a graduate theater arts class at the local university. It’s a performance theory class, which is changing the way I view most everything. So much to read, digest, assimilate. But it’s really exciting! I’m with others who are digging into this thickly-textured material with me. With our wise and fearless professor, we are all lighting the way.

I am approaching my studies with an intimacy that, when it isn’t creating claustrophobic overwhelm, feels meaningful. Most happily, I am learning a new vocabulary with which to understand, articulate and create afresh.

So, lovely people, please know that while my absence has been deliberate, it has also been with very open eyes, glimpsing altering landscapes that I will share as the simmering progresses.

Happy October and November, too!



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