Feeling into 2014


It’s been a year of intense stretching and the lessons that go along with that. And like any good stretch, I am now feeling myself come back to center. Hallelujah!

I’ve been thinking about the new year. Unlike the usual approach of envisioning what I’d like it to look like, I’ve been musing more in a body way: what do I want it feel like? How can I play with gravity more? How can I experiment with my environment in tiny potent ways? Inner and outer?

One of the ways I’ve dealt with some of the stress recently has been to fiddle around with my keyboard and voice. Here is a link to some of that. There’s an original tune (Floatation Diving) and an improvisation I did recently in my living room, named accordingly. There are a lot of ambient sounds (creaky, news papery, tea kettley, husbandy) that were all a part of the moment, the time.

May you complete this year with compassion and grace. And may the new year bring the sweetest surprises!

Brightest Blessings,


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