digital strides on the acting superhighway


It’s been an interesting few days of auditions. This morning I did a self-tape audition/exercise for a class I’m taking. Self-taping has become a mainstay for actors these days (and lots of folks on the web, yes?). With very little experience doing it, I was ready to jump in and learn. So, early this morning I put on the makeup and dress for a neat period short film piece. It had to be early so my husband could help with the filming and lines before he went to work and there would be actual light coming from the (kitchen) window.

There’s a lot involved in this process! From background to tripod to lights and all the little things, I definitely have a number of notes to self regarding it all. Process.

It felt good, though. It feels good to care enough about my craft to do the “inconvenient” things. Cause there are a lot of those it seems. So while I can’t share the actual footage with you, below are a few stills and pics of the afterglow–taking advantage of a face of makeup before 9am. (I’m normally quite the natural one, if you haven’t noticed). So I hope you enjoy. And maybe I’ll link to some other audition footage I recently uploaded in the near future.



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