yearlings to horses this year of the horse

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A few days ago, I attended a milestone high school reunion in NYC. I took two planes, a bus and the subway to get there, and despite a mechanical difficulty on the first plane compromising my connection, I (breathlessly) made it.

Although the attendance from my year was modest, it was magnificent to see these beautiful people, many of whom truly looked the same and even “felt” the same. The same, but better.

So much has happened to all of us over the years and indeed so much is happening now: all manners of beginnings, endings and the intervening adult growing pains we all get to experience. Yet somehow we managed to show up to this event, to shake hands, hug, laugh, deeply converse or simply just see eachother: we who knew each other when we were still so innocent–barely teens and throughout the tumult of adolescence. We knew each other then and can bear witness to that now.

And to see each other again, as fully grown individuals (this can no longer be denied), was startlingly comforting.

So thank you, my sweet compadres, for seeing me then and now and allowing me to see you, too. And to those who could not make it, know that your presence was missed and that every good wish is sent your way.

High school was not an easy time for some of us, but I am certain that with all the grit and confusion, we sparked light (sometimes dimly, sometimes brightly) that helped each other get through it and ultmately become who we are. And who we are still becoming.

Shabbat Shalom!




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