Lucite Meaning

Ode To A Chunky Necklace

you are red
you are plastic
for this role 
you were fantastic

accessory or
actor's glue?
on final sale
from 'ole j.crew


I got this necklace a few years ago, when chunky necklaces were a symbol of confidence and style. Do you remember? The chunkier the better! I liked the necklace as art; its luminous color, smooth texture and airy shapes made me happy. And it was on sale.

Whenever I tried wearing it, however, l felt so encumbered. It was like my body was being overtaken by this inanimate creature who got to live on me rent-free. So despite the fashion trend of the day saying “Yessssss,” when it came to actually wearing the clunky trinket for more than a minute, my felt sense was always a decided NOPE. So Ms. Necklace stayed in a box collecting dust.

But not long ago, I pulled it out to to wear for an audition. It was perfect! I loved the bulkiness and the clink of the links as I played and moved. Its lumpiness made so much sense for this particular character. The things I had found fault in had become a delightful and meaningful surprise.

And that, my friends, is what I wanted to share with you today.

May you find meaning amid the rubble.

May your perspectives be congenial and supportive.

May you take joy in the unexpected.

Happy June!


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