English Explorers of the West


Today I attended a pedagogical event at Mt. Saint Mary’s College in the picturesque Santa Monica mountains. It’s been a while since I’ve been to one of these, but I’m so glad I did. And not just because of the locale, the lunch, or the book bag filled with glossy newness.

It was delightful running into other colleagues across the district and beyond. It’s always invigorating making new friends (if only for an afternoon) and connecting with longtime comrades in new ways.

Particularly moving was the talk by Dr. Albert Lin, a young scientist-engineer-researcher-explorer. He chronicled his recent journey to Mongolia, where he led a non-invasive remote sensing investigation of its sacred regions including the tomb of Genghis Khan. His multi-media presentation was in turns funny and haunting and culminated in a tender standing ovation.

Listening to the presenters and sharing with others sparked the requisite insights and ideas. But mostly I felt grateful to be among other lifelong learners. English language teaching attracts a very unique, sometimes odd bunch. Each of us brings our inimitable narratives to the field. But there is a spirit of service that unites us, and on this mid-October Saturday, it was as palpable as it was hopeful.


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